TANIM;The use of herbs for healing purposes has a long tradition. Herbs release their special effects best in the form of tea. We offer our customers a wide range of medicinal teas that meet pharmaceuticals requirements:


Teas are characterized by gentle and careful production as well as high-quality medicinal tea active ingredients - this is how we guarantee the high quality of our teas. Right from the start: from sowing and harvesting to your cup. In addition, we do not want to tread on the spot, but rather continuously improve our medicinal teas - for every indication. This is how we create unique teas that not only comply with legal requirements, but often exceed the standards.


Health concerns
  • In infusion, use a spoonful (2g) of dried herbs per cup(150 ml). Take 2 or 3 cups a day.

    1 çay kaşığı (1-2 g) bitkiye 150 ml kaynamış su ilave edilir, 5-10 dakika kapalı bır kapta demlendikten sonra gunde 2-3 defa içilir.

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