About Us

Our Mission

  We protect and improve the health of our customers who live in today's modern urban life, improve their quality of life and take on personal care. We offer a better quality of life with natural products. At the same time, we offer a reliable and healthy service against possible deformations. We work passionately and enthusiastically to improve the lives we touch by progressing towards becoming a strong international brand. We know that it is our duty to contribute to the medical world by working in national and international markets in order to facilitate the access of our products that we undertake as we progress towards developing our brand.

  • Therapeutic & Tasty Hydration

  • Reduces Inflammation & oxidation

  • Enhances Memory & Focus

  • Convenient & Cost Effective

  • Ongoing Residents & Staff Education Program

  • Safe, Holistic System

  • Evidence Based

Our Vision

  Our goal in the health sector is to be a company that manufactures in accordance with international quality standards by offering a better quality of life with natural products that aim to protect and improve human health. In addition, the general view of our company in the health sector is always to act in an integrated manner with the consumption rates of human health needs and to be one of the leading production centers of the sector with modern infrastructures.


 What Leads Us

  The global importance of the pharmaceutical industry is increasing day by day in our changing world. Throughout history, medicine has an important place in human life. The pharmaceutical sector is one of the sectors in the world where the most intensive R&D investments are made. The unfavorable living conditions caused by urban life and the psychological disturbances caused by the stress due to the intense working tempo trigger the rise of the pharmaceutical industry and make it even more important. At the same time, the use of food supplements and natural food products is of great importance for human health due to the nutritional deficiencies brought about by urban life. Considering all these, it is always the health needs of people and our desire to meet these needs that lead us to the sector.


It's About You

  Our company, which was founded by Adem HERDEM in 1998, started its commercial activities with the sale of medicines, and became a center where food supplements, medical products, dermo-cosmetic products and traditional herbal medicinal products come together in time with its innovative approach.


  Each of our natural food products helps to protect the natural balance of the human body while fighting deformations in the human body, relaxing the body. Based on this approach, our company founder, Adem HERDEM, has reached the opportunity to offer its own branded products to the service of modern medicine in national and international markets in 2013 thanks to the additional investments he has made over the years and his experience in the sector and his understanding of quality-oriented production.

  We hope that our products, which we have carefully prepared and kneaded with our experience, shed light on you for a better quality of life.


   In Adam's Herbal product groups, we use medicinal plants obtained from living nature, mostly grown in settlements far from urban life, as raw materials.

    In Adam's Herbal product groups, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives that can prolong shelf life are not used.

    The packaging style preferred in Adam's Herbal product groups includes informative texts suitable for storage conditions.


    Nature protection is essential for a quality and healthy life. Mankind should protect the nature that serves itself in the best way. We are aware of our responsibilities towards nature. We protect our environment for a healthy and happy life and we use products in our packaging that will biodegrade in a short time in nature.